Ball Joint, Track Control Arm and Track Rod End Boots

       Excellent quality and supple Ball Joint Dust Covers, Track Control Arm and Track Rod End boots, suitable for virtually every

       Car and Light Commercial Vehicle.  Supplied with cable tie clips and dispatched within 1 working day.


       Boots 1-4 are only £3.99 a pair, Boots 5 and 7 the larger sizes are only £5.29 a pair and assorted packs of 20 are £19.99.

       Second Class Post to Customers in the UK and Airmail Overseas is just £3.99, regardless of how many you order.


       RIKFIT Trading as


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase your products?

No. If you have a PayPal account it is so easy to make the purchase, but it is also very simple to pay using your debit or credit card. If you don’t have a PayPal account, the form will ask for your telephone number. This is for card verification only, we are not informed of this number.

Do you supply clips to retain the boots?

We supply all boots with the relevant cable tie wraps. From experience the boots usually hold nicely onto the joints without metal clips and often retain better without them. Unless the replacement boot is exactly the same size as the original, fitting or refitting a metal clip can pinch the boot and leave a gap for grease to escape and water to ingress. Plus some metal double row metal clips are very difficult to fit.

The UK MOT obviously has rigid guidelines, although a failure or pass is often down to the individual examiner’s interpretation. Examiners I have spoken to have said only damage matters and if the compression holds the boot in place, it isn’t essential to have clips. If you are in doubt, please speak to your MOT testing station first.

Do you offer customer satisfaction?

Yes, our reputation is paramount.

I am trying to buy more than one item, but I am not redirected to this website by PayPal.

If you are trying to purchase multiple items and press ‘Continue Shopping’, a message will appear on the PayPal page, If you are not redirected, please just go to the home page and keep adding boots to the cart from there.